Explosion Hazard Engineering and AtEx Compliance

Proper implementation of Explosion Hazard Engineering can:

  • prevent over-specification and wasted money through improper delineation of hazard zones.
  • ensure compliance with EU legislation and best practice.
  • lead to a safer plant and operating regime.

Failure to carry out correct Explosion Hazard Engineering can lead to:

  • waste of money, time and resources.
  • breaches of important safety legislation subject to financial and custodial penalties.
  • destruction of plant and equipment and loss of production.
  • injury and death.

The law requires that all facilities in which flammables are stored, processed or handled meet certain criteria in terms of:

  • worker safety
  • risk assessment and area classification.
  • documentation to be prepared (in particular, an Explosion Protection Document for each facility or premises).
  • installation, operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • inspection and verification.
  • earthing and equipotential bonding.

The services that we offer (both standalone and in conjunction with partner organisations that offer specific process engineering skills) include:

  • Facility / Process / Operation Review and reduction of the incidence of hazardous areas.
  • Area Classification.
  • Advice on Equipment Compliance.
  • Advice on Training / Operational and Procedural Precautions (including signage, provision of antistatic clothing etc).
  • Explosion Protection Document Compilation.
  • Verification of overall explosion safety.

Energy Systems Design Ltd.'s specific hazardous area experience includes:

  • Area Classification of extensions to Natural Gas Platforms.
  • Area Classification of major Toner Manufacturing Facility.
  • Participation in area classification of beverage manufacturing installation.
  • Verification of equipment compliance in Brewery Installation.
  • Verification of equipment compliance in major Beverage Manufacturing Installation.
  • Verification of equipment compliance in major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant.
  • Verification of equipment compliance in Glue Manufacturing Facility.
  • Verification of equipment compliance in major Toner Manufacturing Facility.
  • Presentation of training in AtEx Compliance and Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas for a variety of Industrial Clients.
  • Preparation of Intrinsically Safe System Certificates.
  • Verification of Intrinsically Safe System Compliance.