Services and Strengths

Our Name

The name ‘Energy Systems Design’ reflects the fact that electrical networks and industrial facilities can be viewed as systems that consume (or produce) energy in various forms. Good Engineering design, construction and operation enhances the safe and efficient use of energy in these ‘energy systems’.

Design and Construction Management of Industrial Electrical Systems

All of our design and consultancy work is carried out to the latest national and European standards and the service offered covers the full life of a project, from concept to cost estimate to commissioning.

Our Specialist Services include:

  • Medium and High Voltage System Design.
  • Power and Earthing System Modelling, Calculations and Studies.
  • Electrical Engineering Design of Generation Connections.
  • Electrical Engineering Design of Substations.
  • Consultancy on Earthing Design, Explosion Hazard Area Equipment, Machine Compliance, Electronic Drives, Switchgear Design and Safe System Operation.
  • Control and Automation System Design.