Are you an Engineering Design Company (or Consultant Engineer) or Design / Build / Operate Contractor ?

Our clients bring us on board to supplement their design work in a number of ways including:

  • Complete designs from concept to cost estimate to commissioning.
  • Taking over specific design packages and bringing them through to completion as part of your team.
  • Assistance in smoothing out peaks in demand.
  • System studies, modelling and specialist earthing calculations.
  • 3rd party checking / reviewing.
  • Consultancy input to specific equipment certification, earthing, switchgear or calculation questions.

Taking a typical recent year, 82% of our engineering output was badged as the output of our direct client including reports, design packages and contractor liaison.

We produce the Design but it is your design on your standard documentation.

As the relationship develops, we offer even more value as we become familiar with your procedures and documentation, with the result that we can turn on a penny and step in at a moment’s notice to help you navigate peaks in demand and unforeseen mismatches between your delivery capacity and contracted output.

This does not mean that we are an agency providing staff to you on a short term basis (though we do have a secondment service).

We are a fully staffed, well equipped, high technology design office - our clients see us as a supplemental office with specialist technical skills.

We act as your Engineer.

We wear your hat.

We’re in your corner.

We’ve got your back.